Simple. Traditional. Fonzo.

Yogi Gin

Distilled using the highest quality botanicals in Eorzea, every aspect of Yogi Gin embodies the commitment to a centuries-old tradition of artisanry.

fresh ingredients sourced far and wide


Yogi Gin uses the finest botanicals carefully selected from across the world. The juniper berries are grown in the cool temperate climate of Gridania. The sea salt is harvested from the coasts of Vylbrand. And lastly, the pearl ginger is traded for in the bustling Far Eastern markets of Kugane. These three simple botanicals lend to a complex, multi layered, yet harmoniously-blended flavor. The traditional juniper flavor of the gin is enhanced by the bite of the Vylbrand sea salt and ends with notes of ginger.

fonzo family tradition


The Fonzo family has a long history of distilling gin, and Yogi Fonzo himself wanted to return to those roots. On his nameday, the 30th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon, Fonzo set out with one goal: to produce the finest straightforward and flavorful gin in Eorzea.

enjoyed anywhere.


Yogi Gin can be used in a variety of cocktail and mixed drink applications. Fonzo himself loves a classic gin and tonic and states, "That shit is tasty!"
For something more complex, the French 75 is a timeless cocktail using Yogi Gin, lemon, and champagne--which is replaceable if you despise the French! A fitting cocktail to warm your stomach on those cold Ishgardian nights would be a Gin Mule! Mix together your favorite ginger beer and some Yogi Gin, and add lime!

enjoy in moderation

Drink responsibly

Yogi Gin is not meant to be drank in excess, behind the reigns of a Chocobo, or in any other illegal and harmful circumstances. We do not, under any circumstances, accept responsibility for any damages that result to yourself or anyone else due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of this site and any materials located on it. We cannot take any responsibility for the effect these drinks may have on people.

come for a taste


Come try Yogi Gin at Teppanyongo, the finest dining establishment in Primal!Primal - Behemoth | Lavender Beds | Ward 18 | Plot 60
Open on Saturdays at 6PM PST (Times may change in the future)

Yogi Gin's label was designed with help from a wonderful artist! I highly recommend them for art of your character and more!